About us

Classic, functional and sustainable

We born out of need when everywhere we look were clothes that defied all logic and expectations. Clothes that only either look good or feel good when all we want were clothes that both look good and comfortable, is it too much to ask for that?

thus our philosophy are simple, our clothes must look good and make you feel good when you put it on. Elegant yet comfortable, classy yet simple. We focus on functionality, beauty yet we do not and will not allow ourselves to forsake comfortable.

But wait, that not everything, each dress from Noire was made using surplus fabric, which has the unfortunate side effect of making Noire dress a bit too unique. This has also help making Noire waste neutral and more sustainable with environment.

But Noire, what surplus fabrics? It sound very ominous.
Well generic beautiful person that hopefully will become our customer. Dead-stock fabrics are fabrics that we buy from over-ordered fabric from local warehouse and market since there are loads of international brands factories sourcing from Vietnam and then we reuse these up-cycled materials to create timeless pieces.. It’s a win win, you look awesome, feel super awesome and you helps protect the environment while you are at it.

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Much love.